USA at the World Sumo Championships, Well Done!


As coach of the U.S. Team this year, I was very proud of our 11 competitors and referee.  The USA fought extremely hard in a sport where, again in 2014, countries with solid sumo programs, such as Mongolia, Japan, Ukraine and Russia, dominated the competition.  Collecting wins were Ian Runyan, Colton Runyan, Kena Heffernan, Jay Holder, Andre Coleman, and Sarena Gneiting (by fusenshō).  The two highlights of the event were Sarena Gneiting medaling in the Junior Women's competition, placing 3rd, and our U.S. Team consisting of Kena, Colton, Jay, and Andrew (substitute) competing for a bronze medal in the Team competition, after advancing three rounds, beating Australia and Poland.  Unfortunately they lost to Mongolia, but it's the furthest the USA has advanced in many years.

Sarena's medal is only the 2nd the U.S. has received this century, the other being when Trent Sabo placed 3rd in the Senior Men's division in 2008.

As well, the U.S. brought over referee Matt Davis, who was rewarded with his dedication by being allowed to judge in this event.  This is the first I've seen in 11 years of attending the WSC.  Matt has refereed at many local and national events in the U.S. but experience in the Worlds was a nice feather in his cap.  Matt was dedicated enough to purchase in Taiwan the appropriate clothing required since the expectation was that he would not be allowed this privilege his first year in attendance. 


Additionally, Kena Heffernan was voted in as a Vice-president of the International Sumo Federation, and held the sole, and maybe somewhat awkward, position of being an athlete and an administrator at the WSC.  After our team lost to Mongolia, Kena quickly changed into his suit and tie to be one of the honored delegates that awarded medalists at the podium.  Kena went above and beyond the call of duty to represent us well in all aspects, and is to be commended.

All in all, the USA represented our cherished sport well, and I'm very proud of their dedicated service in overcoming the obstacles they overcome, and committing themselves financially and in the training room.  Kaohsiung City, Taiwan was a great host for this year's event.  Most of our athletes were new to the World Sumo Championships, and got a heavy dose of the reality of the competition at this level.  We hope this year is the first of many to come for these as well as future USA athletes.  Well done!

Kelly Gneiting (on right in pic below)
USA Coach, 2014 WSC


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2014 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results, Jackson, WY:

Junior Womens:
Light Gold: Celine VanHoye
Heavy Gold: Sarena Gneiting
Open Gold: Celine VanHoye
Open Silver: Sarena Gneiting

Junior Mens:
Light Gold: Ian Colton
Light Silver: Caleb Gay
Light Bronze: Josh Gay
Middle Gold: Hunter Mower
Open Gold: Ian Colton
Open Silver: Caleb Gay
Open Bronze: Josh Gay

Senior Womens:
Light Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Light Silver: Celine VanHoye
Light Bronze: Sonya Del Gallego
Middle Gold: Tiffany Tran
Heavy Gold: Amanda Soule
Heavy Silver: Melanie Rivas
Heavy Bronze: Kendra Brinker
Open Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Open Silver: Kendra Brinker
Open Bronze: Tiffany Tran

Senior Mens:
Light Gold: Andre Coleman
Light Silver: Andrew Freund
Light Bronze: Jessi DeSimone
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Colton Runyan
Middle Bronze: Robert Daniels
Heavy Gold: Jay Holder
Heavy Silver: Matt Ritchie
Heavy Bronze: James Brewster Thompson
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Jay Holder
Open Bronze: Colton Runyan

Masters Middle:
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Robert Daniel
Heavy Gold: James Brewster Thompson
Heavy Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Robert Daniel
Open Bronze: Americus Abesamis

Rookie Men:
Open Gold: Levi Kendrick
Open Silver: Derek Jefferies
Open Bronze: Jessie DeSimone


Congratulations to the World Championships Qualifiers:

Juniors, Light Gold:

Celine VanHoye
Juniors, Heavy Gold:

Sarena Gneiting
Juniors, Light Gold:

Ian Colton
Juniors, Middle Gold:

Hunter Mower
Juniors, Open Silver:

Caleb Gay
Seniors, Light Gold:

Jenelle Hamilton
Seniors, Middle Gold:

Tiffany Tran
Seniors, Heavy Gold:

Amanda Soule
Seniors, Open Silver:

Kendra Brinker
Seniors, Light Gold:

Andre Coleman
Seniors, Middle Gold:

Kena Heffernan
Seniors, Heavy Gold:

Jay Holder
Seniors, Open Bronze:

Colton Runyan 

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