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2015 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results

Parkville, MO:

Junior Womens:
No competitors

Junior Mens:
Open Gold: Greg Suczewski
Open Silver: Anthony Quintana
Open Bronze: Gavin Smith

Senior Womens:
Light Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Light Silver: Jessica Brower
Middle Gold: Helen Delpopolo

Middle Silver: Sonya Del Gallego

Middle Bronze: Cody Stout
Heavy Gold: Jasmin Jones
Open Gold: Jasmin Jones
Open Silver: Helen Delpopolo
Open Bronze: Jenelle Hamilton

Senior Mens:
Light Gold: Trent Sabo
Light Silver: Andre Coleman
Light Bronze: Andrew Freund
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Edward Suczewski
Middle Bronze: Rene Marte
Heavy Gold: Roy Sims
Heavy Silver: Jay Holder
Heavy Bronze: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Roy Sims
Open Silver: Kena Heffernan
Open Bronze: Jay Holder

Masters Middle:
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Heavy Gold: Virgil Goodin
Heavy Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Bronze: Virgil Goodin

Rookie Men:

Light Gold: Angel Marti Castillo
Light Silver: Austin Collins
Light Bronze: Gregory Suezaeski

Middle Gold: James Thompson
Middle Silver: Andrew Romero
Middle Bronze: Mark Lawrence

Heavy Gold: Daniel Adam Hart
Heavy Silver: Virgil Goodin
Open Gold: Mark Lawrence
Open Silver: James Thompson
Open Bronze: Daniel Adam Hart


Congratulations to the World Championships Qualifiers:


Light: Jenelle Hamilton
Helen Delpopolo
Jasmin Jones
Jessica Brower


Trent Sabo
Kena Heffernan
Roy Sims
Jay Holder

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