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This is the first English-language training guide for Sumo wrestling! The Japanese cornered the market in producing the best athletes in the sport of amateur sumo until an American, Emmanuel Yarborough, won the GOLD in the open-weight division at the 4th World Sumo Championships in 1995.

Since then, sumo is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and around the world. A sumo match can be over in a fraction of a second. It’s amazingly explosive! The burst of energy and adrenaline makes sumo as physically and mentally intense as any sport can be.

This instructional handbook gives you the basic fundamental skills to train and succeed in competitive amateur sumo. It begins with a short history, covers how to tie a mawashi, and goes on to detail the commands and responsibilities of the referee (gyoji) and judges (shinpan). This ultimate manual gives step-by-step examples of the most common techniques used by both amateur and professional sumo rikishi, and breaks down various training methods such as shiko, suriashi, butsukari, etc. so that anyone, with enough motivation, training, and preparation, can become proficient at sumo.   Purchase the guide on


U.S. Nationals 2015 Announced!


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Parkville Athletic Complex

Parkville, Missouri (Kansas City)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Matt Ritchie, Tournament Director

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This will be the World Championships qualifier in Osaka, Japan

On August 29th & 30th



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2014 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results, Jackson, WY:

Junior Womens:
Light Gold: Celine VanHoye
Heavy Gold: Sarena Gneiting
Open Gold: Celine VanHoye
Open Silver: Sarena Gneiting

Junior Mens:
Light Gold: Ian Colton
Light Silver: Caleb Gay
Light Bronze: Josh Gay
Middle Gold: Hunter Mower
Open Gold: Ian Colton
Open Silver: Caleb Gay
Open Bronze: Josh Gay

Senior Womens:
Light Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Light Silver: Celine VanHoye
Light Bronze: Sonya Del Gallego
Middle Gold: Tiffany Tran
Heavy Gold: Amanda Soule
Heavy Silver: Melanie Rivas
Heavy Bronze: Kendra Brinker
Open Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Open Silver: Kendra Brinker
Open Bronze: Tiffany Tran

Senior Mens:
Light Gold: Andre Coleman
Light Silver: Andrew Freund
Light Bronze: Jessi DeSimone
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Colton Runyan
Middle Bronze: Robert Daniels
Heavy Gold: Jay Holder
Heavy Silver: Matt Ritchie
Heavy Bronze: James Brewster Thompson
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Jay Holder
Open Bronze: Colton Runyan

Masters Middle:
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Robert Daniel
Heavy Gold: James Brewster Thompson
Heavy Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Robert Daniel
Open Bronze: Americus Abesamis

Rookie Men:
Open Gold: Levi Kendrick
Open Silver: Derek Jefferies
Open Bronze: Jessie DeSimone


Congratulations to the World Championships Qualifiers:

Juniors, Light Gold:

Celine VanHoye
Juniors, Heavy Gold:

Sarena Gneiting
Juniors, Light Gold:

Ian Colton
Juniors, Middle Gold:

Hunter Mower
Juniors, Open Silver:

Caleb Gay
Seniors, Light Gold:

Jenelle Hamilton
Seniors, Middle Gold:

Tiffany Tran
Seniors, Heavy Gold:

Amanda Soule
Seniors, Open Silver:

Kendra Brinker
Seniors, Light Gold:

Andre Coleman
Seniors, Middle Gold:

Kena Heffernan
Seniors, Heavy Gold:

Jay Holder
Seniors, Open Bronze:

Colton Runyan