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2016 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results

Clark, NJ


Womens Heavy & Open div
1 Natalie Burns
2. Jaclyn Feuerschwenger



Light Weight div
1. Trent Sabo

2. Andrew Freund

3. Wade Strober

Middle Weight div
1. Kena Heffernan

2. Renee Marte

3. Ed Suczewski

Heavy Weight div
1. Roy Sims

2. Mike Wietecha

3. Mark Lawrence

Open Weight div
1. Roy Sims

2. Rene Marte

3. Kena Heffernan


2016 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results

Juniors, St. Joseph MO

Junior Womens:
No competitors


Jr. Light Weight div
1 Leonard Kiser, Wisconsin
2.Mario Sucurro, Michigan
3.Randy Carter, Georgia

Jr. Middle Weight div
1.Evan Begeman, Michigan
2.Mario Perez, Kansas
3.Warren Cox, Michigan

Jr. Heavy Weight div
1.Ryan Skillington, Missouri
2.Nathan Businger, Michigan
3.Tyler Deloof, Michigan

Jr. Open Weight div
1.Ryan Skillington, Missouri
2.Tyler Deloof, Michigan
3.Leonard Kiser, Wisconsin

U.S. Junior Nationals a BIG Success!

Bill Gossett (far left in the picture below) was key in making sumo’s inaugural Junior National Championships a huge success (pun intended).

The tournament was associated with Liberty Nationals Folk-Style wrestling, which took place the weekend of February 20th in St. Joseph, Missouri—a tournament in which Bill directs with his many staff on hand.  The annual tournament draws hundreds of wrestlers ages 6 thru 18 to the prestigious event.  Of these hundreds, 40 opted for sumo, a number that we are sure will only rise as we continue putting on youth tournaments thrice yearly (crossing fingers).  About 80 matches took place after a demonstration with Senior wrestlers Trent Sabo, Virgil Goodin, and Kelly Gneiting, refereed by Tom Zabel and announced by Matt Ritchie.

Bill Gossett, who is running for Trustee for the United States Federation is on fire to do good things in sumo for the upcoming years.  For many years major attempts were made to integrate sumo into USA Wrestling and/or Chuck Norris’s Kickstart group—each with hundreds of youth involved, but were repeatedly turned down.  Now it looks like Bill is as eager to do what other trustees (myself included) had all but given up on.

This is extremely good news.  In the past the average age of a Senior sumo wrestler at the national championships was about 35.  Hopefully we can bring that down to about 23 in years ahead of us, and involve not a few dozen, but hundreds to Senior events.

Good job to all involved!  —Kelly Gneiting

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For information about Sr. Nationals (April 2nd) See Below

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Trent Sabo (shown) put on about 80 mawashi’s that day, along with Matt and Tom


Congratulations to the Junior World Championships Qualifiers!

The World Championships this year will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the 28th-31st of July. The National Team is picked based on the results of the National tournament. National Champions have the first right of refusal, followed by the Silver and Bronze medalists. The medalists from each division are on the left side panel of this page,

Juniors who finished first in their division, and are interested in competing at the World Championships, will need to send a letter of intent by May 15th, 2016, by emailing  If the Gold medalist declines to compete at the World Championships or does not respond by May 15th, 2016 the Silver medalist will have the next option to compete. The Silver medalist must ALSO submit a letter of intent by May 15th, 2016. This applies to the Bronze medal winner as well.  Thus, a letter of intent is required by all three medalists, should each be interested in attending the World Championships.  Emailing a picture for the USSF website would also be nice, but is not required at this point.


If you won more than one division, you have first choice in either division, but you may only compete in one division at the World Championships. Please respond as soon as possible to give others as much time to prepare as possible.

The cost of getting to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is somewhat expensive.

If you travel as part of the team, here are expenses that you can 

** Travel to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia: You will need to purchase your own 
air fare.

** Room & Board package local transportation., 11 meals, hotel. There 
is a mandatory package for all athletes for 4 nights stay, plus most 
meals, for a total of $360.00 paid to the USSF by May 30th.

** Entry Fees: The USSF will cover the entry fees for our delegation 

In addition, the USSF is allotting funds, to be split among qualifying athletes, as a travel allowance. Depending on the number of qualifying delegation members, this may be a couple hundred dollars or so, per person or more..

The travel stipend has yet to be determined, but will be forthcoming.

If you are planning to compete at the World Championships, you should apply for a passport immediately, if you don't already have one. No Visa  is required for Mongolia. If a parent or chaperone is not planning to travel with you a signed consent form must be submitted with your letter of intent. To help prepare you and to introduce you to the team a training camp will be held in Parkville, MO, date TBA. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact

Here are the few details that we have right now.
July 28th weigh ins
July 29th weigh ins
July 30th Jr World Championships
July 31st SR World Championships

Once again, congratulations on an awesome performance!

Bill Gossett USSF JR National Team Administrative Coach
Kelly Gneiting USSF Head Coach JR National Team
Trent Sabo Head Coach of Technique USSF SR/JR National Team
Matt Ritchie Head Coach of Technique USSF JR National Team