2015 U.S. Nationals Championships


             What a GREAT National Championships! Altogether we had 126 matches (see below for brackets) plus about 40 kids matches.  Scroll to the lower right for medalists and New U.S. Team members who will compete at the 2015 World Sumo Championships!  Special thanks to Bill Gossett (far left in group shot) for making this possible!


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2015 U.S. National Sumo Championships Results

Parkville, MO:

Junior Mens:
Open Gold: Greg Suczewski
Open Silver: Anthony Quintana
Open Bronze: Gavin Smith

Senior Womens:
Light Gold: Jenelle Hamilton
Light Silver: Jessica Brower
Middle Gold: Helen Delpopolo

Middle Silver: Sonya Del Gallego

Middle Bronze: Cody Stout
Heavy Gold: Jasmin Jones
Open Gold: Jasmin Jones
Open Silver: Helen Delpopolo
Open Bronze: Jenelle Hamilton

Senior Mens:
Light Gold: Trent Sabo
Light Silver: Andre Coleman
Light Bronze: Andrew Freund
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Middle Silver: Edward Suczewski
Middle Bronze: Rene Marte
Heavy Gold: Roy Sims
Heavy Silver: Jay Holder
Heavy Bronze: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Roy Sims
Open Silver: Kena Heffernan
Open Bronze: Jay Holder

Masters Middle:
Middle Gold: Kena Heffernan
Heavy Gold: Virgil Goodin
Heavy Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Gold: Kena Heffernan
Open Silver: Americus Abesamis
Open Bronze: Virgil Goodin

Rookie Men:

Light Gold: Angel Marti Castillo
Light Silver: Austin Collins
Light Bronze: Gregory Suezaeski

Middle Gold: James Thompson
Middle Silver: Andrew Romero
Middle Bronze: Mark Lawrence

Heavy Gold: Daniel Adam Hart
Heavy Silver: Virgil Goodin
Open Gold: Mark Lawrence
Open Silver: James Thompson
Open Bronze: Daniel Adam Hart


Congratulations to the World Championships Qualifiers:


Light: Jenelle Hamilton
Helen Delpopolo
Jasmin Jones
Jessica Brower


Trent Sabo
Kena Heffernan
Roy Sims
Jay Holder


Junior Womens

Kassandra Ayers


Junior Mens
Greg Suczewski
Anthony Quintana
Gavin Smith

Trent Sabo, at the Peak of Training

Roy Sims gets ready to fight Greg Suczewski in the “Open” Category.  Roy went undefeated in the tournament, taking home the Heavy & Open Gold medals. He will represent the US in late Aug. at the World Sumo Championships.