The 2012 US National Sumo Championships and the 2012 North American Sumo Championships was held in Idaho Falls, ID at the Shilo Inn Conference Center on Saturday, June 30th, 2012.  An extended report is available, in Excel format.


These two Championships was the qualifiers for: 

     2012 World Sumo Championships, Hong Kong (U.S. Qualifier)
     2013 World Games, Cali, Colombia
(North American Qualifier)
     2013 World Combat Games, St Petersburg, Russia
(North American Qualifier)

The new U.S. Team consists of:


Male:  Kelly Gneiting (Hwy), Kena Heffernan (Middle), Trent Sabo (light), Tyler Olsen (Open)


Female:  Amanda Soule (Hwy), Tiffany Tran (Middle), Marissa Tybor (Light), Natalie Burns (Open)


On Friday, 29 Jun 2012, we held the Annual Membership meeting in the VIP room at the Shilo Inn Restaurant.  The meeting had 22 agenda items and lasted about 2.5 hours.  Approximately 22 members attended.  Thought that it went well and suggest that the Annual Membership Meeting always be held the day before the competition.  Individuals are normally in by that evening, no one is drinking/partying before the competition and no-one is pressed for time as far as flights, etc.       


On Saturday, 30 Jun 2012, we had 33 overall athletes (26 men - 7 women - 2 Shonen/Juniors included in numbers) compete in a great event at the Shilo Inn Convention Center.  This was a record for the number of athletes that competed at a U.S. Nationals.  Athletes came from all across the United States.  There were three USSF Clubs represented in the team competition.  Because of the numbers of Shonen/Juniors (1 male, 1 female) we did not hold a Juniors competition.  We did have three divisions of kids competitions with 11 kids participating.   4 Life Members competed.  No one required medical attention.                                    


As well as the U.S. Nationals, this tournament was a North American Championships and was advertised to the other North American countries, with hotel sponsorship extended.  However, only American athletes showed up to compete.  Athletes from Canada and Puerto Rico seriously considered making the trip. 


SPECTATORS - SPONSORS:  Approximately 150 spectators came to watch the event, and it was disappointing NOT to get the number of spectators we had hoped for.  We didn't get out as much advertising as we had in past years.  Most of the sponsors attended the event and all said they had a great time, and would definitely sponsor another event.                                                               


The After Party was a great success.  The athletes voted for the Kontosho (Fighting Spirit) Award for both a male and female.  Mark Reiman and Natalie Burns were the recipients.  The Bushido Restaurant sponsored us as a private party with $5,000 of food/drink. 

Report of the U.S. Nationals/NA Sumo Championships, 2012