U.S. National Team, Mens

2014 Coach


Kelly Gneiting, 6’0, 420 lbs


Kelly has represented the U.S. 10 times in World Sumo Championships Competition, and will be coaching the team in 2014 as they compete in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  This year the U.S. will be sending a record 13 people!

U.S. National Team, Womens

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Jenelle Hamilton, 5’4, 133 lbs


Jenelle is not stranger to World Sumo Championships competition, having represented the U.S. several times.



U.S. National Team, Juniors

Lightweight Mens


Ian Runyan, 5’11, 168 lbs







Andre Coleman, 5’7, 187


Congratulations to Andre.  2014 will be his first World Sumo Championships experience.



Kena Heffernan, 6’0, 253 lbs


Kena is the most experienced U.S. athlete, appearing and medaling at the World Sumo Championships since the 1990s.



Jay Holder, 6’0, 410 lbs


Congratulations to Jay.  2014 will be his first World Sumo Championships experience.



Colton Runyan, 5’9, 253 lbs


2014 will be his 2nd appearance at World Sumo Championships competition, having competed in the World Games in 2013.



Tiffany Tran


Tiffany is a multiple time champ at the middleweight category, and has represented the U.S. many times at World Sumo Championships competition.





Amanda Soule, 6’3, 370 lbs


2014 will be Amanda’s first representation at the World Sumo Championships.





Kendra Brinker


Kendra has competed in the U.S. Nationals in the past, and has finally made her way to the U.S. Team.  Congratulations!



Lightweight Womens


Celine VanHoye, 5’3, 122 lbs





Heavyweight Womens


Sarena Gneiting, 5’5, 249 lbs