U.S. National Team, Mens



Kelly Gneiting, 6’0, 420 lbs


Kelly is a 4-time Champion who’s competed in USA Sumo for the last 12 National Championships.  He hopes to help facilitate the sport’s growth in America in preparation for it’s inclusion into the Olympic Games.



Trent Sabo, 5’8, 187 lbs


Trent Sabo is the only active U.S. athlete to claim a medal at the World Sumo Championships, taking 3rd in '08. Trent is a 9-time champion who currently lives in Idaho Falls, ID.



Kena Heffernan, 5’11, 249 lbs


Representing Hawaii, Kena's been in the sport for some 20+ years, and is always an athlete to be reckoned with at the WSC, where he medaled in the team competition in the 90's.  Kena was undefeated in the Nationals winning the middle-weight and Open-weight titles in 2012.

U.S. National Team, Womens

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Marissa Tybor


From Woodland Hills, CA, Marissa is newcomer to the sport, but she’s a dedicated athlete who hopes to turn head among international lightweight competitors.


She doesn’t really like the Beatles.  It’s just a shirt.



Tiffany Tran


Tiffany made a great showing at the U.S. Nationals, taking first, and we’re excited to have her as part of the U.S. Team.


Tiffany is a talented, committed athlete.





Amanda Soule


From Boise, Idaho, Amanda has been the champ in every tournament she’s entered, including this year’s (2012) National Championships and Previous U.S. Opens.


We’re looking forward to seeing her compete at the World Level in 2012/2013.





Tyler Olsen, 5’10, 200 lbs


By virtue of the 1st and 2nd place competitors in the Open Division already qualifying and representing, Tyler is rewarded for a fantastic showing at the U.S. Nationals, with representation in the Open Division in Hong Kong.